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The convoy was dispersed on the 12th. The convoy arrived in the Tyne on the 10th.

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The convoy was dispersed on the 12th. 42S (PDF, KB), Congleton – Holmes Chapel – Middlewich – Crewe (just the Middlewich to Holmes.

Cole was wounded. Butt and Midshipman A.

The convoy arrived in the Tyne on the 10th. The convoy arrived at Loire on the 11th.

Tyra crewe escort

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The convoy arrived at Brest on the 11th. They later arrived at Harwich on the 10th. The armed merchant cruiser and submarine were detached on the 20th. The light cruiser had Paymaster Cdr W. The convoy included two Danish steamers under armed guard.

Stewart, Midshipman G. The convoy was recalled when it was thought there were mines being laid in the channel.

The convoy arrived at the Tyne on the 11th. Nuthall and the two Coastal Command crew were lost in the Blenheim. Twenty tyrx ratings were killed and Commissioned Engineer E.

1 Crewe,Paul H. The ships all safely arrived at the Clyde late on the 16th.

charge and collect reimbursable fees for providing police escorts, staffing special events, and Campbell,Tara Felice. The convoy arrived at Gibraltar on the 14th. British Lt R.

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Atkinson was killed when his Walrus of Squadron crashed in the Solent. Burt were picked up by a destroyer. The light cruisers departed Scapa Flow atbut returned at These troops were landed at Ranfjord on the 10th and their presence facilitated the capture of Mosjoen by German troops. Two Skuas were able to fly directly back to Hatston.

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38S (PDF, KB), Macclesfield – Congleton - Crewe. German minesweeper M. Observer Lt A R. The convoy arrived the next morning.

She was able to return to Wilhelmshaven. Hemnes was set afire and the petrol stores were blown up.

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However, the other six had to land at Sumburgh for fuelling. Currey were wounded.

Jopling, crashed arriving back at Sumburgh, but there were no injuries. Midshipman C.

The convoy arrived at Southend on the 10th. They were ordered to proceed towards Terschelling. Sharp and four ratings killed in the attack. One Blenheim of Squadron was lost when it was struck by flak.

The escort was detached on the 23rd when the convoy arrived at Liverpool.